Jerry & Dorothy Mendelson

Class of 1946 (B.A.) and 1948 (M.A.)

Dorothy (B.A. 1945, CRED 1946) and Jerry Mendelson (B.A. 1946, M.A. 1948) met during their freshman year at UCLA, in … Read More >

Lily Kompaniez

Class of 1940 (B.E.)

Lily Kompaniez (B.A. ’40) remembers when UCLA’s campus consisted of just a few buildings – Moore Hall, Powell Library, Royce … Read More >

Marjorie L. Jackson

Class of 1941 (B.E.) and 1948 (M.A.)

Born in New York, Marjorie Jackson (B.E. ’41, M.A. ’48) moved with her family to Los Angeles when she was … Read More >

Marjorie Pierson Stein

Class of 1945 (B.A.)

In many ways, the UCLA that Marjorie Pierson Stein (B.A. ’45) encountered as a freshman in the fall of 1942 … Read More >

Marjorie Simmons

Class of 1948 (B.A.)

Growing up in Westwood during the Great Depression, Marjorie Simmons (B.A. ’48) says she had a wonderful childhood. Despite the … Read More >

Norma Hildebrandt

Class of 1941 (B.A.)

Despite having attended UCLA during the Great Depression, Norma Reid Hildebrandt (BA ’41) looks back on her college years as … Read More >